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    to me, something becomes art when it makes me think further than what i’m observing. it leaves a trace. 🙂

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    Good question but i dont know are u asking about the website? are you asking about the piece within the website? I would say yes because i dont have any reason to deny, and no because no one can prove anything when it comes to defining an event or an object or a situation. So yes and no, but closer to the yes because I find it a special experience to be asked sth like this online

  • 156

    There‘s fucking ART in the title, i mean come on!

  • open definition

    I think one of the roles art can have in society – besides providing insights – is to provide a landscape where those insights can be exercised, or ‘played’. The art of debate is forgotten (think of social media trolls, polarization, etc) and imho this is a good exercise on bringing it to the playing field again.

    As long as the definition remains open, i.e., there is not a ‘final conclusion’ where the answer shall be revealed, this can be considered art.

  • Changed my mind

    After reading the comments that support ‘no’, I changed my mind.

    Its content is void, it proposes nothing. It’s empty, silly and ugly. (comment 34)

    Isn’t this a perfect description of how most of us are living our lives?

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  • No talent

    Art requires talent. Art is a well done drawing, a well composed or well played piece of music. I do not know what this is, but it is definitely not art.

  • Audience does not define what art is or not

    This definition should be done by the artist, not by the audience. It is therefore nor art.

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    It simply isn’t. Its content is void, it proposes nothing. It’s empty, silly and ugly.

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    This could not be more distant from what art is supposed to be. It is nothing.